5 Point Luxury Full Body Harness

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5 Point Luxury Full Body Harness
FA 10 202 00
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Intensive use

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Rescue - Evacuation


5 Point Luxury Full Body Harness


Attachment points - 1 Dorsal & 1 Sternal D-Ring for Fall Arrest, 1 Ventral D-Ring at waist level in front for Rope Access & 2 lateral D-Rings at waist level on the sides for Work Positioning.

Adaptability - Adjustable shoulder, thigh-straps and waist belt.

Convenience - Shoulder straps and thigh straps are provided with automatic buckles & waist strap has combination buckles for easy adjustment.
2 tool holder loops & an extra bigger handle at the back for keeping extra karabiners and accessories. Web Keepers on shoulder straps have been provided for easy placement of free lanyards.
Easy putting-on and removal thanks to an aluminium triple action-locking karabiner placed right above the ventral attachment point.

Ergonomics - Ideally positioned elasticated straps for extended comfort. Specially cushioned mesh net has been used for better shock absorption & comfort of the user.

Compliance: Conforms to EN 361:2002, EN 358:2000 & EN 813 : 2008


Maximum User Weight: 140 kg

Size: S - L

Weight: 2.26 kg

Belt: Yes

Buckle(s): 2 Automatic Buckles

Attachment Points: Dorsal D-Ring + Sternal D-Ring

Other Attachment Points: Ventral D-Ring For Rope Access + 2 Lateral D-Rings For Work Positioning

Material of webbing: Polyester

Material of buckles: Steel

HS Code: 63079098

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Declaration of Conformity:

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Safety harnesses tested to 140kg, only when used in conjunction with a fall arrest device with equal capacity.


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