Horizontal Temporary Lifeline

Horizontal Temporary Lifeline      FA 60 007 00
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Inclined Plan

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Work Station Prevention

Double Rope Descent

Horizontal Plan

Lattice Metallic Structure

Horizontal Temporary Lifeline

Temporary Lifeline with adjustable length from 2 to 20 mtrs.

Size: Length adjustable from 2m To 20m

Minimum breaking strength: 23 kN

Material: 30mm polyester webbing

Compliance: Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Annex II using EN 795:2012, TS 16415:2013 Type C


HS Code: 6307909899


  • Secures an operator throughout his travels.

  • Forked ends in order to:

    • Either anchor to a structure without the need to add anchorage sling

    • Or hang directly on adapted anchorage point.

  • Steel ratchet to put the system into tension after adjusting the required length.

  • Supplied with 2 steel screw-locking carabiners.

  • Provided with an inseparable bag for storing excess strap in use, then keep the system in his bag after use.

  • Tested for a use by 2 people.


When installing the lifeline, it is essential to take into account the deflection (f in the diagram) of the lifeline that needs to be added to the clearance of the fall arrest system used.

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