4 User Horizontal Temporary Lifeline

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4 User Horizontal Temporary Lifeline    
FA 60 007 02
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Inclined Plan

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Work Station Prevention

Double Rope Descent

Horizontal Plan

Lattice Metallic Structure


4 User Horizontal Temporary Lifeline, with 4 cross-over anchors

Temporary and reusable lifeline specially designed to provide a suitable and safe anchorage to 1, 2, 3 or 4 users at the same time while working. 

Total available length: 25 m

Minimum length: 5 m

Minimum breaking strength: 23 kN

Material :
Tensioner: Aluminium

Swivel-type end: Brass

Connector: Steel 

Compliance: Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Annex II using EN 795:2012, TS 16415:2013 Type C


HS Code: 6307909899

  • Kernmantle rope (16 mm diam.) equipped with specially designed tensioner that allows tensioning of lifeline between the two supports.

  • The tensioner has a tension indicator.

  • Has a brass swivel-type end specially designed to prevent any twisting of the rope during the use. Has a stop-knot secured with protective sleeve at the other end, to prevent the rope from accidentally moving out of the tensioner.

  • Provided with 2 steel Triple action-locking carabiners with a 21 mm gate opening and a transport bag (FA 90 107 00.)

  • Has 4 cross over anchors for attaching the fall arrest system of each user, which allow easy crossing between the users and prevent any disengagement from the lifeline, for increased safety.

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