Container Anchor Post

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Container Anchor Post                           FA 60 032 00
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Anchor post for ISO container

Container Anchor post is meant to provide a temporary anchor for working on top of ISO 20 ft & 40 ft shipping containers. In addition to be used as a stand alone anchor post, it can also be used to form a horizontal life line over the top of container depending upon the requirement of work to be done.

Compliance: EN 795:2012 Type B

Static strength as per EN 795:2012 Type B: 12 kN

Minimum breaking strength of the system: 15 kN

Material: Steel

Weight: 14.53 kg

  • Comes with a side lock & tag line arrangement for secure installation by one person only.

  • Can be removed without damaging the container.

  • Has an anchorage allowing a 360° rotation.

  • Has a carrying handle.

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