A full body harness is the ideal body-wear that should be worn by a worker, as it distributes the force of impact incurred in the event of a fall evenly on the thighs and torso region of the body.

Kratos Harnesses are made from polyester, and this is because it has the least elongation properties when compared with other materials. This means that the harness doesn't stretch dangerously when subjected to a fall, and reduces the risk of the worker slipping out of the harness. 

Before wearing a harness, it is important to inspect it for certain features:

  • Hold the harness by the back D-ring, and let the straps fall into place... The harness has clear and separate colours for the shoulder and thigh straps, so they can easily be distinguished.

  • Inspect the harness webbing for any cuts, burns or damages.

  • Check the stitches for their continuity.

  • Carefully look for any evidence of corrosion on the metal elements of the harness.

Selecting one's harness properly entails asking the right questions:


1) Which size do I need? How heavy am I? 

Size: The chart hereunder indicates the body measurements. For the wearing of a harness over clothing, the harness adjustments allow you to obtain the right size.

For selecting a harness or a harness with integrated vest, the essential measures are the thigh size and the bust size, the other measures are given as an indication.

Measure (cm)

S - L



A - Thigh Size

48 - 70

55 - 90

65 - 95

B - Chest Size

94 - 114

98 - 128

114 - 134

C - Waist Size

60 - 105

70 - 115

75 - 125

- Stature

160 - 185

160 - 200

170 - 200

Silhouette avec lettres.jpg

2) Which attachments do I need?

Attachments points:

With 1 or 2 attachment
points + 2 work positioning
points + 1 suspension point (ventral)

With 1 or 2 attachment
points + 2 work positioning
points (lateral)

With 1 or 2 attachment points (dorsal and sternal)

1 or 2 attachment points.jpg
1 or 2 attachment points + 2 lateral + 1
1 or 2 attachment points + 2 lateral.jpg

3) What is my work situation? Do I work in a specific environment?


Fixed ladder

Door Frame Work


Rescue - Evacuation

Lattice metallic structure

Cherry picker

Work station prevention

Inclined plan

Confined space

Horizontal plan

Double rope descent

Work station holding

Fixed Ladder.jpg
Door Frame Work.jpg
Rescue & Evacuation.jpg
Lattice Metallic Structure.jpg
Cherry Picker.jpg
Work Station Prevention.jpg
Inclined Plan.jpg
Confined Space.jpg
Horizontal Plan.jpg
Double Rope Descent.jpg
Work Station Holding.jpg

4) How frequently do I use my harness?

Occasional use.jpg
Regular use.jpg
Frequent use.jpg
Intensive use.jpg

Occasional use

Regular use

Frequent use

Intensive use

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